Solid foundation


We consider the basis for any successful long term business relationship necessarily grounded on a solid foundation intertwined with mutually respectful relationships amongst both business partners, on the outward, and employees, within the company.


We are offering a wide portfolio of high quality and different applicability products, delivered to you through the highest standards of executed logistics. Our business model incorporates superior quality services ensuring added value to your company through our dedicated professionalism in providing an all-round service, thus proving ourselves worthy partners on which you can undoubtedly rely on while striving to achieve an international brand status for your company. 

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All-round service


Our company mission is to ensure superior quality service package encompassing high quality products and costs optimisation. Our specialised know-how, dedication to excellence in all aspects of our business, and above all undeniable quality of products in our portfolio in combination with fixed and determined focus on our business partners’ needs, will enable mutual growth of all business participants while ensuring the premium added value development in all aspects of the trade.

Our competence


Having been present on the European LPG, petrochemical, and aerosol market for over 40 years bears witness to the stability of our Group. We are proud to have been holding several over-decade-long supply agreements with prominent suppliers and consumers globally in an industry where most actors consider one-year agreements as success.


We inspire confidence through our business stature and such quality alongside our growing presence in the European market enabled us to venture into strategic partnership agreements with several renowned energy Groups whose stable long-term source channels grant us stable flow of high quality products that, accompanied with high quality of customer service, enabled us to grow and nurture extensive business network in the gas and energy market, this also laying a strong and healthy foundation for future development.

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Effective responsiveness

Goals & Aspirations

We strive to ensure smooth and professional collaboration with our partners on all business levels through implementing new operating solutions as to better respond to your needs.  Our investments in infrastructure for gas purification and storages across Europe are to ensure delivering the highest quality products to our business partners.


Attentiveness to our logistic service execution ensures positive impact to your production planning.


Stable and long-term engagement we nurture with our supply chains, both domestically and internationally, enables us to guarantee reliable supply solutions for your company with widening our product portfolio to encompass premium quality products in both aerosol, chemical, and petrochemicals market.


We hold to high regard the administrative responsibility that we consider necessary for successful execution of any business venture, which is why we use the services of renowned expert advisers on regulatory aspects of gas/energy trading.


Our aspirations lie in capturing the momentum of the ever-growing market and envisioning the position on which to expand our business further, thus becoming a key participant in the gas and energy market.

Make a differance

Why us

Inspired by our ambitions, we are striving beyond mere industry as to encompass and better all aspects of business supply chain. Thinking outside the box, focusing on details, balancing our strengths and expertise, we offer a better perspective on how to achieve the prosperity of your business.


Our commitment to our business partners, employees, and shareholders contributes to straightforward upward direction, constant engagement, and strong focus on realizing business opportunities.


Being a specific market industry, constantly in need of respectful and understanding interaction between business partners, technology, and society, the added value is achieved solely by contrasting all threats in view of encompassing and understanding healthy competition and higher margin aspirations to successful business practice in all other aspects.


Success, therefore, lies in learning agility, efficient adaptations to new market conditions, and the ability acknowledge new approaches to working practices, while remaining in the framework of guaranteed customer support in both supply and service aspects.


All these values make our strategy foundation and represent our perspective of what is important to ensure for reaching prosperity and success. As we strive to remain leaders in our market category, we can promise we will work equally hard to help you rise with us.

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